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Special chemicals
Addictive Chemicals
  Aprepitant¡¯s intermediate
  LCZ696 intermediate
  Cyclohexanone oxime
  Duloxetine Hydrochloride
  Biapenem side chain
  Cefoselis Main Ring
  Ticagrelor TL12
  Bimatoprost Inter 1
  Bimatoprost Inter 2
  Doripenem Side Chain
  Ertapenem Side Chain I
  Ertapenem Side Chain II
  Cefoselis Chrolide
  Aprepitant Side chain
  N-METHYL-2-PYRROLIDONE£¨Electron Grade£©
  1-Methylimidazole (N- Methylimidazole)
  Bis(2-Chloroethyl)amine Hydrochloride
  Nicotinamide riboside chloride
  Nicotinamide Ribose
  LCZ696 intermediate
  p-Acetoxy Styrene (p-Vinyl Phenyl Acetate)
  Potassium carbonate
  (R)-2-(Methylamino)succinic acid;NMDA
  Isopropylmagnesium Chloride
  3-Aminobenzoic acid
  Oxalic acid Anhydrous
  Formamidin acetate
  2-ChloroPropylamine Hydrochloride
  Vildagliptin intermediate
  Perhydrofarnesyl Acetone
  N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid
  Trimethyl borate
  1H-Pyrrolizine-7a(5H)-methanol, 2-fluorotetrahydro-, (2R,7aS)-
About Us  
Synhwa Pharmachem Co.,Ltd located in Taizhou Economy Development zone, Zhejiang Province; 300Km south of Shanghai ; we acted as producer ,International Marketing and together with R&D Business, focusing on APIs, fine intermediates; daily things; and Environment protecing Industry.

Business scope:
One. Pharma & Chem Division. Focusing on the medicine chemical,agrochemical, the biochemistry and the extra chemicals . We have been an active player since1997 in these lines. Inside our domestic market and the international one. We have much experience dealing with gram to 100 Mt on quantity. Gree chemicals to grade 3 dangerous items; Ex works to DDP plant on logistics and so on.Synhwa has estabished two joint venture Pharma & chem plant .We are enjoying good reliable relationship with some international well-known chemical companies and the domestic partners

Two. Mechanical & Light Industry: focusing on hardwares, cheaters,alternating current lamps, power saving lamps and solar lamps.
We are clear about our orientation in the international market supplychain value, From the year 2000, we have been made strategical cooperation relations with the partial domestic supplies factory, and has the good cooperation with the overseas customer, simultaneously also Providing the powerful support for the multitudinous domestic factory, enjoying development in the international market.

With the business growing and and business style becoming mature.
Our team have well trained with t the organic chemicals. the international business. the business management, the logistics and so on, the relationed specialization . We can provide the omni-directional high-quality service for our customers. Based on the technology and with the market as the guidance, As for the saling net work; we have establish the marketing network including the direct sale, retails and the agents in the overseas local market. So as to satisfy the customer¡¯s multiformity demand. In the meantime, we are preparing for the challenge,with The effective communication and the sustaining innovation

Our goal is: conformity and share advantage resources. Let us progress together!
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